Victoria Mills Maintenance Works

Inspired Property Management are pleased to confirm the below maintenance works have been completed since our management commenced on the 1st May 2013;

  • All external railings have been painted with the exception of the road railings which will be completed shortly.
  • Mason Mill internal decoration throughout has been completed.
  • VM2 ground floor and the corridors around each lift entrance have been painted.
  • Internal painting has commenced for New Mill and will be completed approximately mid-October.
  • Internal painting will commence in Old Mill once New Mill is completed with estimated completion date of mid-November.
  • Installed a new meter reading system saving the maintenance team numerous labour hours.
  • Installed new gravel on earthen areas in front of MSCP entrance door, islands either side of main entrance gate, in front of the Lodge.
  • Weed and bark mulch in front of MSCP entrance.
  • Installation of new sewer ejector pump in New Mill basement.
  • Notified 16 vehicle owners of uninsured or untaxed vehicles on site and also notify the council of owners we were unable to contact. 10 of the 16 have been removed with the other 6 reporting that they would be road worthy in the near future or have brought in documentation of tax and insurance.
  • Have changed the providers of security, lift maintenance, cleaning, window cleaning and fire protection maintenance. These new providers offer an improved level of service with superior value for money.
  • Gym refitting following a severe water flood.
  • Gutter cleaning to all apartment buildings including The Lodge, the pump room, the power plant room and the Costcutter store.
  • Installed a new mains water shut off valve.
  • Commenced with the deep clean of all external drains on the development.
  • Commenced with the cleaning of all basement areas and the underground car park areas.
  • New signage for the development including designated signs for each residential apartment block, 2 Finger Posts and a Site Map in front of the Lodge has been ordered and will be installed beginning of October.
  • The roof on Mason Mill has had extensive repairs carried out.
  • A number of inherited defects on the external buildings have also been repaired.

Victoria Mills September 25, 2013 Victoria Mills